Make more of meal time.

 SERVES by us


It all started with a few dads and dishes…

SERVES is Abu Dhabi’s first and only premier home-cooked food delivery service. We are collectively owned by a group of doting dads and home chefs who equally value healthy eating, family time, and quality fresh produce.




Fresh Local Produce


Premium Quality Meat


Handmade Sauces


SUSTAINABILITY: In a world full of take-aways and plastic, SERVES is making a concertive effort to return meal times back to ceramic dishes and non-disposable cutlery. Sustainable and environmentally-friendly cooking means that our focus is on providing you with the highest quality meats, fresh and locally sourced produce, and presenting them to your family in posh reusable dishes. We believe that by supporting small businesses like ours and our suppliers, you are supporting and preserving the future of our planet for our children.

FRESHNESS: There are no big fancy production lines or nameless delivery personnel. Our founders are the chefs. And the people behind the phone lines and the ones that grow all the herbs and seasonings. At SERVES, we know our customers and our customers know us. We cook all of our meals on the same morning of delivery to ensure that it reaches you in the freshest possible condition. We never freeze our products and we make all of our sauces from scratch (including the Thai green chili paste which consists of over 10 ingredients!).

LOVE: We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t love to cook, love nutritious food, or love our families. In fact, SERVES was born with the vision to make more time for family. Our healthy home-cooked meals involve zero prep and zero guilt, are made from the same fresh ingredients that you know and love, and can easily be warmed up in your oven in about 30 minutes. Now that’s what we think is making good family time!


Serves fresh. Serves daily. Serves you.